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Student Stories

Each Honors student’s academic journey is unique to their area of study, as well as their individual interests and approach to research, but they all share the drive and intellectual curiosity that are hallmarks of an Honors education. It is with tremendous pride and appreciation that we share some of the remarkable stories of Honors students who have contributed to the diverse ideas and scholarly works of the Honors community.

Edridge D’Souza

It isn’t often that a student has a clear idea of the path they will take to pursue their goals before entering college; for many, it can take years to figure out what they are passionate about. Edridge D’Souza is an exception.

Ashley Everson

Building a relationship with a mentor helped Ashley pursue a Multidisciplinary Honors Thesis. 

Garrett Sager

Garrett created his theater piece, “Queer & Now: Sync or Swim,” for his Honors Thesis project.

Hadiya Williams

Hadiya's thesis project was the key to changing her career goals.


For Edwood Brice ’19, working on his thesis for the Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration program with a concentration in Informatics & Data Science had nothing to do with holing up in a carrel desk or spending all day in a traditional lab. Instead, Brice frequented the Digital Media Lab on the third floor of the W. E. B. Du Bois Library to investigate the effects of virtual reality (VR) exergaming pairing VR with video games that provide physical exercise.