Isenberg Honors RAP

Isenberg Honors RAP

Honors College students admitted to Isenberg School of Management are eligible to join the Isenberg Honors RAP.  

No application is required for this Honors RAP, and sign up is on a first-come basis. For detailed information and specific steps, see How to Join  a RAP.  


Living and Learning Community 

You and a fellow Isenberg Honors RAP student will live in Oak Hall, one of the first-year residence halls in the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community (CHCRC). 


Isenberg Honors RAP Curriculum 

As part of the Isenberg Honors RAP, you will enroll in a yearlong 1-credit Isenberg Honors RAP seminar, as well as an Honors economics course (required for all Isenberg majors).  

Isenberg Honors RAP Course 

Learn more on the Isenberg School of Management website.

Econ 103H: Introduction to Microeconomics 

Going beyond standard introductory economics courses, this Honors course shows the overall logic, structure, and societal implications of neoclassical economic theory. It explains that theory's grand vision for society and how and why it connects to humanism. It also introduces its most severe critics: Marx and Keynes.