Understanding what to expect from your Honors education on a year-by-year basis will help you plan your academic journey at Commonwealth Honors College. The guides below provide a general overview, but you will need to meet regularly with an Honors College Advisor to figure out your own individualized course of study.

CHC student

In your first year, you will focus on Breadth of Study. Be bold here, and enjoy the process as you explore a variety of classes that interest you.

Sophomore year at CHC

In your sophomore year, you will complete the Breadth of Study requirements and continue to explore a variety of classes that interest you.  

Junior Year

In your junior year, you will delve deeper into your academic journey and start to consider what you’d like to pursue for your Honors Thesis. 

Students walk through the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community at the University of Massachusetts

In your senior year, you will concentrate on your Honors Thesis, the culmination of your academic journey.