Honors Discovery Seminars

CHC students in an Honors Seminar

Honors Discovery Seminars

Honors 391AH

These Honors Signature courses encourage exploration of different perspectives and approaches through small, discussion-based classes, which are open to Honors College students of any major. 

Each seminar is based around an in-depth exploration of a question currently captivating the faculty member teaching the course. One is required for all Honors College students, ideally taken in the sophomore year. 

Topics for these 1-credit seminars change each semester based on the particular interests of the faculty instructors. Past topics include examining the neurological connection between mind and body, exploring the idea of the authentic self, and investigating the complexities of Haiti. 

Honors College sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to take one of these 1-credit seminars. Note that ONLY ONE Honors Discovery Seminar can count toward satisfying the Honors College 391AH requirement. Three (1-credit) 391AH courses do NOT count as one (3-credit) Honors course. 


Honors Discovery Seminar Course Offerings



Honors Signature Courses

Our Honors Signature courses, designed especially for Honors College students, offer the chance to explore intriguing topics with fellow Honors College students from all disciplines in small, inquiry-based classes.  

This Honors Signature course will challenge you to think critically, explore profound ideas, and expand your own creative potential.

These Honors Signature courses are based around an in-depth exploration of a question currently captivating the faculty members teaching them.

In this Honors Signature course, currently "What’s the Big Idea?: How Innovative Thinking Can Change the World," each lecture is given by a faculty member from a different discipline.