Ideas That Change the World

Ideas That Change the World

Honors 201H

This Honors Signature course will challenge you to think critically about the world, explore some of the profound ideas that have shaped it, and expand your own creative potential.  

This interdisciplinary discussion-based seminar class is required for all first-year Honors College students. It will introduce you to fellow Honors College students from a range of disciplines and perspectives as you examine innovative thinkers, groundbreaking ideas, and the strategies that transform these ideas into effective actions.  

By reading texts of historic change makers, such as W.E.B. Du Bois and Rachel Carson, you’ll explore connections with current visionaries in social thought and civic engagement. 

Honors 201H is a 4-credit course that also fulfills two university-wide requirements: one in U.S. Diversity * and one in Interdisciplinary General Education.  

* Applicable for courses taken in the summer of 2018 or later.  

Honors Signature Courses

Our Honors Signature courses, designed especially for Honors College students, offer the chance to explore intriguing topics with fellow students from all disciplines in small, inquiry-based classes.  

This Honors Signature course will challenge you to think critically, explore profound ideas, and expand your own creative potential.

These Honors Signature courses are based around an in-depth exploration of a question currently captivating the faculty members teaching them.

In this Honors Signature course, currently "What’s the Big Idea?: How Innovative Thinking Can Change the World," each lecture is given by a faculty member from a different discipline.