Senior Checklist

CHC Seniors: “To-do” checklist before you leave campus


Honors Thesis or Project Manuscript Submission

Required for graduation with honors distinction.

  • Submit your correctly formatted manuscript through CHC PATHS by the last day of classes.
  • Use the correct form based upon the venue for your 499 research: either via Thesis/Project individual contract (with a guidance committee) or via Thesis/Project Seminar.


Grading & GPA

  • Remind your Honors Thesis/Project instructor to convert any “Y, INC or NR” grade previously submitted for 499 Part I. S/he needs to convert the grade on SPIRE to reflect the final grade being awarded. If not converted, a “Y, INC or NR” grade will delay your graduation clearance.
  • Remind your Honors Thesis/Project instructor to also submit a final grade on SPIRE for 499 Part II.
  • Clear up any other ‘INC’ or ‘NR’ grades (INC = incomplete, NR = Not Recorded). These affect your final GPA and can delay the award of your degree. Contact the instructor of the course to revise the grade on SPIRE or via a “Change of Grade” form submitted to the UG Registrar’s Office. Or contact the Honors office if you decide to leave the INC/NR as is on your transcript.


University Requirements & SPIRE Info

  • Review your SPIRE Academic Requirements Report (ARR) for any unsatisfied University, College, and major requirements. Your ARR can tell you if you are missing a requirement (e.g. Gen Eds, residence credits, etc.).
  • Note: Departmental Honors requirements are not recorded on the SPIRE ARR at this time. If you are unsure of your CHC graduation status, a CHC advisor can review your honors file with you at any time. Schedule online now.
  • Update your SPIRE contact information -- phone, address, and email -- before you leave campus. We will use that information to contact you after our graduation clearance reviews. Please ensure the info is up-to-date!

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