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Download the form to be completed and signed by students, giving Commonwealth Honors College permission to publicize individual award(s) and achievement(s) through a news release to hometown newspapers, on university websites/social media, and/or through other publicity channels.


News Submissions Guidelines

Campus and community organizations, as well as members of Commonwealth Honors College, are invited to submit announcements of upcoming events to What's New. We do not post ads or other commercial items, however, notices of off-campus and on-campus employment opportunities are accepted.

The What's New website is updated frequently; an electronic newsletter version of What's New is sent to Commonwealth Honors College students and staff every week on Sunday. Items remain posted for up to two weeks, unless a longer duration is specifically requested.

When submitting a news items, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Header: Each news item should be prefaced with a brief title of no more than 30 characters including spaces.
  2. Text: News items should be no more than 150 words and camera-ready.
  3. Additional text: If longer text is necessary, submit it as a separate Word or pdf attachment. It will be posted and linked from the 150-word news item.
  4. Schedule: To be included in the Sunday newsletter, news items must be submitted by the preceding Thursday at noon.
  5. Submit: Submit news items to



Student News Release Form [PDF]

If you have been awarded a Commonwealth Honors College scholarship, award, or research grant and would like the Honors College to send notice of it to your local hometown paper, use this form. Please note that we do not have control over whether your hometown paper will print it.

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