Welcome to Commonwealth Honors College’s online directory of services and resources for Honors students, as well as policies and procedures. In addition to information that will help students navigate their Honors experience, you will find information about campus resources and information on who to contact.  

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The information contained in the handbook is not meant to serve as a roadmap to the Honors College. Your Honors Advising team will help you figure out your own individualized course of study, as well as the resources that are specific to your needs. 



Curriculum Requirements Charts

Academic requirements may vary depending on a student’s entry date to the University or to Commonwealth Honors College. This section lists the curriculum requirements for specific entry years.



Honors Student Requirements

Find information related to the CHC Terms of Agreement, CHC Good Standing Policy, and Graduation with Honors.




While most forms specific to Honors College can be accessed via CHC PATHS, this section provides students with access to the International Scholars Program Application and the Sophomores-Serve Application.




Learn more about the online portal developed for the Commonwealth Honors College community.



Research Resources

Learn more about resources available across the University that help students start gaining research experience.



CHC Community

Share news and announcements with the Commonwealth Honors College community. Download the Student News Release Form.