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Once you’ve decided to enroll at UMass Amherst, you will participate in several New Student Orientation and Transitions (NSOT) programs, including programming for all new Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) students specific to your experience.

Commonwealth Honors College Group Advising

All new CHC students will be required to participate in a virtual group advising meeting. The group advising meeting will provide students with a broad overview of the CHC curriculum and how to incorporate CHC requirements into your course scheduling for your first semester and beyond. While you will not register for classes during the group advising meeting, the content will better prepare you to register for courses when you have an individual advising appointment with your major advisor.

Commonwealth Honors College Welcome Meeting

CHC Welcome Meetings will be held both in person and virtually, for those who cannot attend in person. The CHC Welcome Meetings will provide new CHC students the opportunity to:


Individual Advising and Course Registration:

As part of NSOT, you will have a virtual individual advising appointment with an advisor in your major. It is during this appointment when you will register for classes for your first semester. The information provided during your CHC group advising meeting should prepare you to register for one or two honors courses. Honors course suggestions are as follows:

  • If you’re in an Honors Residential Academic Program (RAP), you only need to take the honors courses listed for that RAP.
  • HONORS 201H: Ideas That Changed the World - All first year CHC students should take this course during their first year.
  • ENGLWRIT 112H: College Writing – All first year CHC students should take this course in their first year, unless you already have credit for a College Writing equivalent (AP credit, transfer credit, exemption).
  • An Honors General Education course – There are many courses that fulfill both a UMass General Education requirement and a CHC requirement.
  • Any Honors course – Students with many AP or transfer credits that fulfill College Writing and all other General Education requirements can take any other available honors courses of interest for which you meet the necessary requisites.


Housing and RAP Choices


Parents and students chat after the Honors Induction Ceremony at the University of Massachusetts

Thursday, September 1, 2022, 5:30 p.m.

The Honors Induction Ceremony celebrates all new Honors College students and their families at the beginning of the fall semester. During the Honors Pinning portion of the ceremony, students exchange commemorative pins, marking their entry into Commonwealth Honors College. 



Bloom Advising Center and CHC Offices.

The best way to see why you belong at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Commonwealth Honors College is to visit campus.

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Learn about the variety of competitive scholarships and research grants offered through Commonwealth Honors College and throughout campus. 

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Meet the team of Commonwealth Honors College faculty and staff dedicated to academic excellence.