Showcase your research at MassURC
Map of Massachusetts with text reading Mass URC Virtual Conference April 22, 2022

Reasons to Participate

  • Gain experience presenting your ideas, findings, or experiences in a formal yet supportive setting.
  • Exchange ideas with other undergraduate scholars.
  • Receive feedback from faculty members and peers in your field.
  • Enhance your résumé, including your professional online profile.


Undergraduate students from public colleges and universities in Massachusetts are encouraged to present on any topic of interest in their academic studies. For some, this may be traditional, scientific research. For others, this could include learning and discoveries in areas such as comparative literature, religion, mathematics, public health, education, and more.

In addition, the presentation topic could be derived from:

  • Thesis research
  • Creative work in the visual and performing arts
  • Course assignment
  • Independent study
  • Community service
  • Study abroad experience

Research in-progress may be presented so that feedback may guide or improve a project.





All undergraduate students enrolled at any of the 28 public colleges or universities within Massachusetts – UMass campuses, state universities, or community colleges - are eligible to submit abstracts and present.

Each Presenter is required to have a Faculty Sponsor who is willing to assist them in writing their abstract, review and approve the abstract submission, and provide support in preparation for their presentation.




The Virtual 2022 MassURC requires ALL presenters to:  

1) submit a pre-recorded, video presentation (4-10 min. length)  
2) participate in a real-time, virtual, conference day session

The 45-minute day-of sessions take place via Zoom through the MassURC event hub and include Research in Conversation and Poster options.



Research in Conversation sessions are live, 45-minute events taking place over Zoom. They are designed for MassURC presenters to meet with faculty and peers to explore a common area of study or theme and share their ideas, research experiences, and passions.

During each session, five to six presenters or presenter groups who share similarities within their research will be allotted two minutes each to provide a brief overview of their research. The remainder of time will be devoted to a faculty-facilitated conversation among the research presenters. Additionally, audience members are welcome to observe each session and ask questions during the final Q&A segment.


What is a POSTER session?

Poster sessions are live, 45-minute events taking place over Zoom. They are designed for MassURC presenters to discuss their research with peers and faculty through use of a digital poster. Posters are intended to provide general information about the research process and findings as a tool for presenters to engage with other session participants and to answer questions.

During each session, four to five presenters or presenter groups who share similarities within their research will be allotted up to four minutes each to provide general information about the research and outcomes with the aid of their digital material. Each poster presentation will be followed by a three to five minute Q&A period, facilitated by a faculty chair.

    Group Presentation Guidelines

  • One student must serve as the Group Leader. The Group Leader is the student who submits the abstract on behalf of the group.
  • ALL Group Members must register in the system independently. They are responsible for requesting membership by selecting the affiliated abstract on their profile page in the MassURC system.
  • The Group Leader will accept the Group Membership request through the automated prompt when the request is submitted.
  • Any Group Member who is NOT registered in the system and accepted into the group will not be emailed presenter updates for the conference, listed in conference materials, nor registered as a Presenter for the day of the conference. Therefore, it is essential for the Group Leader to make sure that ALL Group Members are identified with the abstract submission in the MassURC system. 



Submitting a Video Presentation

A video presentation serves as the formal presentation for the MassURC. It provides detailed information about research and studies undergraduate students have pursued, whether complete or work-in-progress. For MassURC, video presentations are expected to be 4-10 minutes in length and will be shared with all conference participants through the MassURC Event Hub which will launch in early April 2022 and remain viewable through May 31. 2022.



When and How to Submit Your Video Presentation

Steps to submit your video presentation:

  1. Your first step after recording your presentation is uploading it to either YouTube or Vimeo (this are the only websites that will work in the MassURC Event Hub). If you are uploading to YouTube, you must select “Public” or “Unlisted” sharing type. For Vimeo, you must select “Public” unless you have a PLUS account, in which case you can select “Unlisted.”
  2. As an individual or group lead presenter, you will need to log into your account and proceed to “My Profile” where you will find the location to upload your URL.
  3. Head to the “Video Presentation Link” section to drop your URL link and click on add/update video link button. Make sure that you can view the video thumbnail. This confirms that your link is shareable through the MassURC Event Hub. If you do not see the thumbnail, it is likely a share setting issue on the web platform you used (YouTube or Vimeo) and will need to be changed per step 1 above.


  • The MassURC system will accept video presentation URLs starting on Friday, May 25, 2022. The deadline for presenters to submit their video presentation URLs is Monday, April 11, 2022.
  • Video presentations must be in the range of 4-10 minutes. We recommend 6-8 minutes.
  • For more information on uploading and creating video presentations, please go to Presenter Resources and Video Recording Tips.

See the conference schedule, read abstracts, and more. Enter the MassURC Event Hub here:

Fri, Dec 3

MassURC system opens for registration & submission


Tues, Feb 22

Presenter: Abstract Submission Deadline


Fri, Feb 25

Faculty Sponsor: Initial Review Deadline


Wed, Mar 2

Presenter: Abstract Revisions Deadline
Group Membership Deadline


Mon, Mar 7

Faculty Sponsor: Final Approval Deadline


Fri, Mar 25

Presenter Schedules Announced
System Reopens to Accept Video Presentation URL Links


Fri, April 1

Event Hub Opens


Mon, Apr 11

Presenter: Video Presentation Submission Deadline


Tue, Apr 19

Video Presentations Viewable in Event Hub


Fri, Apr 22





An abstract is a brief, written synopsis of the topic being presented. It highlights the major points covered while concisely describing the content and scope of the work. The abstract should be a maximum of 250 words.

When a student “Submits an abstract,” they have registered in the MassURC online system and submitted an abstract with presentation details for review. The Faculty Sponsor then needs to approve for acceptance to present.


When and How to Submit an Abstract

Steps to submit your abstract:

  1. Create a user account in the MassURC registration system when it opens on December 3, 2021
  2. Confirm your account by checking your email
  3. Log back into the system to complete all steps for abstract submission (Note: you can save your abstract information and return to it before submitting)
  4. Click Submit abstract when you are ready for your Faculty Sponsor to review

Only when you click the “Submit” button will your Faculty Sponsor be notified that your abstract is ready and have access to review.

Once you submit your abstract: 

  • Your Faculty Sponsor will receive an email notification through the MassURC system and will be able to follow the provided link to review your abstract and either mark it “Approved” or “Needs Revisions.”

Note: Students are typically approved to make only one presentation during the conference.


Map of Massachusetts with text reading: MassURC Blue & Gold Logo Image

A collection of tools and videos to assist students who are presenting their research, individually or in a group, at the Massachusetts Undergraduate Research conference 



Campus Contact Fall 2021 Update

Names and contact information for the individual(s) from each of the 28 schools included in MassURC, who can assist students and faculty who have questions about the conference.

Faculty Sponsor

All students who present during MassURC must have a Faculty Sponsor who works directly with them to prepare their research, abstract, and presentation for the conference.

Map of Massachusetts with text reading: MassURC Blue & Gold Logo Image

Students from across the state have the opportunity to present their research findings or thesis at the annual MassURC.