Academic Grievances

What is an academic grievance? An academic grievance is a complaint by a student specifically related to a grade, alleging arbitrary and capricious grading, which is defined as:

  1. The assignment of a course grade to a student on some basis other than performance in the course, or
  2. the assignment of a course grade to a student by resorting to unreasonable standards different from those which were applied by the same instructor to other students in that course, or
  3. the assignment of a course grade by a substantial, unreasonable and unannounced departure from the instructor's previously articulated standards. 

For the complete details of the process, refer to the Academic Grievance Policy

To help you determine if your situation is an academic grievance and understand the process, reach out to the Ombuds Office. 

Informal Resolutions are a fast-track way of resolving an academic grievance. You may decide on an informal means of resolving the matter with your instructor during discussion. If you cannot come to an informal agreement, a formal academic grievance may be filed. 

Formal Academic Grievances must be submitted to the Academic Honesty and Grievance Office in writing by filling out the Academic Grievance Hearing Request Form.