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Undergraduate Internships

Bridges to a Career

Internships help students create a bridge between their academic experiences and future careers. Doing internships with companies and organizations during your college years provides valuable training and important skills. UMass Career Services recommends that you complete three internships before you graduate. Contact the History Department’s Undergraduate Internship & Career Advisor to learn about the process of finding and  registering for an internship. Remote and Virtual Opportunities are also available. The History Department also publishes a catalog of internships that history majors have done as well as internships that will be of interest, available in Herter Hall 622, Herter 612, Herter Lounge, and by PDF file through your Internship & Career Advisor.

Student Profiles

UMass Amherst History Majors Talk about Their Internship Experiences

Indira Rao interned at the Middlesex Criterion Early Intervention Program in Framingham, MA. She writes, "The Criterion program services a wide range of development groups, starting with programs for 6 month olds and continuing programs until children at 4 years old. These children can have a variety of mental and physical disabilities. Criterion is also open to families from diverse incomes and communities. As an intern I primarily worked in playgroups with the Early Intervention Specialists. In the playgroups we would play games, sing, do art projects, play in the Sensory Motor Room, and read together. I also went on a few home visits with specialists where we worked one-on-one with the children and their parents."

        Allison Rhinelander interned at the Greenfield Court Service Center in Greenfield, MA. She writes, “The Court Service Center (CSC) is a part of the Massachusetts Trial Court System and was specifically designed to help self-represented litigants navigate the court system. Prior to the start of my internship, I received training by Massachusetts attorneys in topics such as service of process, filing restraining and abuse orders, contempts and motions, and housing issues, among many others. Since the start of my internship, I have been working under attorneys who help self-represented litigants all across Massachusetts. I have been able to take messages of clients, do data entry, and even work one-on-one remotely with litigants who needed help filling out paperwork.”

Dalton Alves interned at Swift River Valley Historical Society, New Salem, MA. He writes: " This summer I completed an internship as a museum docent at the Swift River Valley Historical Society. The SRVHS is the historical society for the four towns that were disincorporated with the creation of Quabbin Reservoir. I created my own unique tour of the museum’s grounds incorporating the history of the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir with the local histories of the Swift River Valley. In addition to leading tour groups, I also helped the SRVHS with the running of special events like concerts and interactive plays. Serving as a docent allowed me to combine my interest in historical research and public education. Overall, being a museum docent was an awesome experience and made me aware of the opportunities for history majors within the realm of public history."

Jaffar Shiek with former-Gov. Michael Dukakis while interning at the Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA. He writes, "I was presented with the opportunity to intern for State Senator Sal DiDomenico at the Massachusetts State House. I had always been interested in seeing how my city made decisions, and how legislation that was passed directly impacted the population. As a legislative intern, I researched a large range of issues from the transgender rights bill to casino development in Everett. In this process, I met hundreds of interns, many Senators, and other government officials. Moments of opportunity presented themselves whether I was eating lunch with other interns, or having round-table conferences with former governors and state legislators. My experiences at the State House have definitely led me to pursue a career in law as I hope to attend law school."

Aibhlin Hannagin interned at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, Amherst, MA. She writes, "I was the Studio Art intern at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. I met the two art educators at the Fall Arts & Humanities Internship Fair and decided to apply. As an intern, I worked with visitors to the museum to create projects that were set up in the studio each week. I worked closely with the other intern and my supervisors to create a project for “Special Saturday” towards the end of the semester. I learned a lot about museum education and was able to get hands on experience working with children and adults to talk about art. I enjoyed being able to see this side of museum work and looking at education outside the traditional classroom setting."

Andy Marton at Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA. He writes, "I interned at Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum recreating Massachusetts life in the 1830s. Three days a week, I was an apprentice in the printing office, running our antique press while interpreting 1830s literacy and printing to visitors. The other two days, I worked on the village’s farm. Between doing farm chores, helping care for the animals, and working in the field, growing and harvesting hay, I also interpreted historic farming. I loved actually presenting information and engaging with visitors. The skills I have gained this summer will be essential in my dream to become an educator."

Erin Carr interned at Historic Northampton, Northampton, MA. Erin reflected on her experience in this short video.