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The UMass History Journal

Founded in 2016 by members of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, the UMass History Journal is devoted to showcasing the diverse historical work of undergraduate students. This publication includes essays, book reviews, and historical reflections written either within or outside the framework of undergraduate courses. Authors may be history majors, minors, or non-majors who have interests in the study of history. 

2021 Edition

Volume 5 of the UMass History Journal was published in Spring 2021 and features work from seven undergraduate students. Read the 2021 Edition

UMass History Journal, v5, 2021


Table of Contents

  • "Battleground: How Rural Resentment Changed the Outcome of the 2016 Election," by Anthony Colace, p. 1
  • "A Global History of Astrology: Changes in Astrological Trends Through the Centuries," by Johanna Geremia, p. 18
  • "The Humanism of Dr. Peter Parker," by Michael Holmes, p. 41
  • "Decolonization: The Impact, or Lack Thereof, of the End of the British Empire on Mainland Britain," by Caroline O'Neill, p. 56
  • "The 1910 Cholera Outbreak: The Separate Realities of Britain and India," by Ian Rowe, p. 68
  • "Religiosity and its Role in Academia: Hindrance or Boon?," by Sevil Usmanova, p. 84
  • "The Political and Environmental Effects of Oil in Nigeria," by Hannah Whalen, p. 97


Editorial Board 

Undergraduate Editorial Board:

Johanna Geremia, Production Editor. Johanna is a senior History and German major with a primary interest in Medieval European History and Literature. She is currently working on a capstone project focusing on female representation in the medieval work, Der Nibelungenlied. After graduating, Johanna plans to attend graduate school in Europe to obtain a Masters in History. Contact:

Michael Turner, Copy Editor. Michael is a senior double major in History and Classics. His undergraduate work has focused primarily on Pre-Modern Atlantic Empires and Classical Civilizations. Intending to graduate with Departmental Honors, Michael is working to complete a senior thesis analyzing themes of British national identity in the personal correspondence of the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. Contact:

Sevil Usmanova, Acquisitions Editor. Sevil is a junior History major. She intends to graduate as a member of Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society. After graduating, she plans on enrolling in a dual graduate program for History and Education. Contact:

Editorial Advisor:

Professor Garrett Washington 

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