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The UMass History Journal

Founded in 2016 by members of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, the UMass History Journal is devoted to showcasing the diverse historical work of undergraduate students. This publication includes essays, book reviews, and historical reflections written either within or outside the framework of undergraduate courses. Authors may be history majors, minors, or non-majors who have interests in the study of history. 


Starting February 7th, 2023, the UMass Undergraduate History Journal will accepting original historical writings and research for publication in its 2023 edition!  

Papers may be assignments from any courses or original research of a historical character. Typically they are at least ten pages in length (double spaced), so students are encouraged to write, expand, or edit pieces that they would like a chance to publish. Any questions? Contact EICs Ellie Costello ( and James Griffin (

2022 Edition

Volume 6 of the UMass History Journal was published in Spring 2022 and features work from six undergraduate students. Read the 2022 Edition


Table of Contents

  • "Gender, Biology and Power: Social Constructions and Womanhood" by Robert Cahill
  • "A Brief Look into Violence Against Women as a Plot Device in Livy’s History" by Caitlyn Foster
  • "History as Debate: An Analysis of Different Approaches to History" by Bret Hackenson 
  • "The Evolution of a Myth: Romulus and Remus" by Laura Haskell
  • "The Purpose and Relevance of the Grand Narrative by Brianna Hastry
  • "The Cultural Importance of Greek Mythology and its Impact on Youth Culture in the United States Using Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief" by Zachary Richards


Editorial Board 

Undergraduate Editorial Board:

Anthony Colace, Editor-in-Chief. Anthony is a senior political science and history dual-degree candidate, with a minor in classical civilization. Winner of the Harold W. Cary and Simon & Satenig Ermonian Scholars departmental prizes for undergraduate academic excellence, he will be attending law school this upcoming fall semester.

Ellie Costello, Executive Editor. Ellie is a junior History major in the Commonwealth Honors College, with a primary concentration in modern Latin America. She is a member of Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society and in the fall, will be working on an honors thesis focusing on economic history in the region. Ellie plans to work towards a master’s degree in Latin American history following graduation.

Alison Chicca Audette, Associate Editor. Alison is a senior history major. Her undergraduate work was focused on Modern American Social History. After graduating, she plans to work as an elementary school teacher and hopes to eventually obtain a PhD in History.

James Griffin, Associate Editor. James is a sophomore history major in the Commonwealth Honors College whose undergraduate coursework has primarily focused on United States history, especially in the 19th century. He plans to explore Latin American history further in his studies and pursue a major or minor in Political Science.

Faculty Advisor:

Professor Daniel Gordon 

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