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Teaching on a Precipice

Free Feinberg Series Workshops on Empowering Student / Teacher Partnerships for Climate Justice

Alleviating the climate crisis and fighting for environmental justice requires working together across age, race, gender, nationality, socioeconomic class and other systems of power that divide us. For adults, this means co-creating with and learning alongside young people. This workshop series aims to support K-12 and community-based educators in becoming adult allies. How can educators remove the barriers that prevent young people from leading, while also serving as mentors when necessary? How can we develop a collective vision that guides us, keeps us energized, and leads us to creating the necessary tools to enact that vision? How can we let ourselves feel the urgency of the crisis without falling into despair?

This workshop series is offered alongside the 2020-2021 Feinberg Family Distinguished Lecture Series, Planet on a Precipice: Histories and Futures of the Environmental Emergency, a free online event series from the UMass Amherst History Department. The events feature leading historians, scholars, filmmakers and organizers from the environmental movement exploring the climate and environmental emergency in historical perspective. This complementary set of educator workshops seeks to support teachers in varied contexts and disciplines in integrating environmental studies into our teaching and in deepening our collective learnings from the Feinberg Series speakers.


Applications due September 20, 2020

Teaching on a Precipice: Empowering Student / Teacher Partnerships for Climate Justice is offered by the UMass Amherst History Department in partnership with the Collaborative for Educational Services, the History Institute, and the 2020-2021 Feinberg Family Distinguished Lecture Series.