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The curriculum and culture of the UMass graduate program prepares both Masters and doctoral students for a range of positions and outcomes. We believe that historical insight is valuable in a broad range of settings, and are committed to helping students train for and find positions that meet both their professional and personal objectives.

Many students in the M.A. Program choose to complete the Graduate Certificate in Public History; for bios of these alumni that describe their career paths beyond UMass, click here.

Some students, after receiving their master's degree, apply to Ph.D. programs, pursue careers in education, or find other work using their well-developed skills; for a look at recent alumni of the M.A. Program click here (coming soon).

Doctoral students also pursue a range of paths upon graduation. In addition to traditional teaching positions, UMass graduates have moved into work in museums, government agencies, publishing houses, and higher ed/humanities administration. To learn more about the placement of our Ph.D. students, click here. To see statistics for Ph.D. placement, click here. To see these statistics for Ph.D. placement in a pie chart format, click here.