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Roland Sarti

Professor Emeritus


Degree: Ph.D., Rutgers (1967).

Field(s) of interest: Modern Europe, Italy.

Research Interests and Professional Activities
A specialist on Italian and European social history, Professor Sarti is the author of Fascism and the Industrial Leadership in Italy, 1919-1940 (1971) and the editor of The Ax Within: Italian Fascism in Action (1974). His Long Live the Strong: A History of Rural Society in The Appenine Mountains (1985) was awarded the 1986 Howard Marraro Prize by the Society of Italian Historical Studies for best book of the year in Italian history. His most recent publication is a biography of nineteenth-century revolutionary figure Giuseppe Mazzini entitled Mazzini: A Life for the Religion of Politics (1997). He has served as department chair, president of the New England Historical Association, and is president of the Society for Italian Historical Studies. Prof. Sarti retired from the History Department in 2002.