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Kimberly A. Enderle (Kim)

Photo of Kimberly Enderle

Ph.D. Student

Fields: 20th-Century U.S. history, Military history and LGBT history; Feminist Activism and Gender Studies
Education: B.S., Elementary Education, Bowling Green State University, Ohio; M.S. Adult and Higher Education, University of Oklahoma, Heidelberg, Germany; M.A. Women’s Studies, San Diego State University, California
Faculty Advisor: Christian Appy

Interests: U.S. history, specifically 1920-1970, focusing on U.S. women’s participation in World War II, the Korean War, Cold War and American War in Vietnam; Women’s labor in public spaces; feminist activism in the twentieth century; the government’s attempts at corporal control of women’s bodies, as well as regimes of truth, and the state’s role in reifying the social constructs of gender, race, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, age and ability/disability.

My research focuses on women’s and LGBT veteran’s wartime historical narratives, specifically the historical silences regarding women and other disenfranchised minorities' participation in the military, the gendered history of combat, and the dominant narratives about women and minorities' overall participation in U.S. society.