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Kevin A. Young

Associate Professor of History

Kevin Young

(413) 545-8726

Herter Hall 624

Professor Kevin Young’s main research and teaching interests are in modern Latin America. His book Blood of the Earth: Resource Nationalism, Revolution, and Empire in Bolivia (2017) traces the history of Bolivian struggles over mineral and hydrocarbon resources, highlighting the complex legacies of Bolivian resource nationalism and in the process reappraising the country’s 1952 revolution and the Cold War. He is also the editor of Making the Revolution: Histories of the Latin American Left (2019), which challenges stereotypes of the twentieth-century left as urban, middle-class, and blind to the complexities of racial, gender, and national identities. His other research analyzes social movements, coalitional politics, and political power in the Andes, Central America, and the United States.

Research Areas

History of Latin America (especially the Andes)
U.S. Imperialism
Political economy
Social movements
Political sociology
Media studies


Levers of Power: How the 1% Rules and What the 99% Can Do About It (Verso Books, 2020), co-written with Tarun Banerjee and Michael Schwartz

Making the Revolution: Histories of the Latin American Left (Cambridge University Press, 2019) (editor)

“Washington Intensifies Its Collective Punishment of Venezuelans.” North American Congress on Latin America, August 14, 2019.

“Will Climate Change Make Family Separations the Norm?” Truthout, August 25, 2018.  

“Capital Strikes As a Corporate Political Strategy: The Structural Power of Business in the Obama Era.” Politics & Society 46, no. 1 (2018): 3-28. (With Tarun Banerjee and Michael Schwartz)

Blood of the Earth: Resource Nationalism, Revolution, and Empire in Bolivia (University of Texas Press, 2017)

“From Open Door to Nationalization: Oil and Development Visions in Bolivia, 1952-1969.” Hispanic American Historical Review 97, no. 1 (2017): 95-129.

“Who Wants the Iran Deal Canceled?” Counterpunch, November 27, 2017. (with Richard Lachmann and Michael Schwartz)

“The Huddled Masses Were Never Welcome.” Counterpunch, September 5, 2017.  

“A Partial Peace in Colombia.” Against the Current 187 (March-April 2017): 9-11.

“The Making of an Interethnic Coalition: Urban and Rural Anarchists in La Paz, Bolivia, 1946-1947.” Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies 11, no. 2 (2016): 163-188.

“A Neglected Mechanism of Social Movement Political Influence: The Role of Anticorporate and Anti-Institutional Protest in Changing Government Policy.”Mobilization 19, no. 3 (2014): 239-260. (with Michael Schwartz)

“Purging the Forces of Darkness: The United States, Monetary Stabilization, and the Containment of the Bolivian Revolution.” Diplomatic History  37, no. 3 (2013): 509-537. 

Courses Recently Taught

Capitalism and Alternatives in Latin America (History 220)

Workers and Work in the Americas (History 693W)

Latin American Revolutions (History 450)

Power and Resistance in Latin America (History 397PR)

History of Mexico (History 354)

The U.S. in Latin America (History 392E)

Revolutionary Visions, Past and Present (History 200)

Mass Resistance and Political Strategy (STPEC 491H)