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Daniel Gordon

Professor of History

Portrait of Daniel Gordon

(413) 545-2223

Herter Hall 627

B.A., Columbia University (1983); Ph.D., University of Chicago (1990); M.S.L., Yale Law School (2003). 

Daniel Gordon has published extensively on the French Enlightenment.  His book Citizens Without Sovereignty (Princeton University Press, 1994) is assigned in many graduate seminars and cited in textbooks as a contribution to the debate about the origins of the French Revolution.  His translation of Voltaire's Candide (2nd edition, Bedford Saint-Martins Press, 2016), based on original translation principles, has sold 50,000 copies; it is widely assigned in survey courses in European history.

Gordon co-edited the journal Historical Reflections from 2002 to 2016.  During this time, his own publications branched out to 20th-century and contemporary intellectual and legal history. He has published extensively on controversies concerning the Muslim headscarf and veil, and has written numerous portraits of 20th-century intellectuals, such as Hannah Arendt, Raymond Aron, and Robert Nisbet.

Research Areas

European history
European and American social and political thought
Comparative law
History of higher education


Selected List

Citizens Without Sovereignty (Princeton University Press, 1994). 

Translation of Voltaire's Candide  (Bedford St. Martins, 1999). Over 40,000 copies sold. 

Editor of Postmodernism and the Enlightenment  (Routledge, 2001). 

"The Theater of Terror: The Jacobin Execution in Comparative and Theoretical Perspective,"Historical Reflections  (Summer, 2003) 

Articles in the Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment  (Oxford UP, 2003) on "Citizenship," "Ernst Cassirer," "Sociability," and other topics. 

Editor (with Michael Kwass) ofMoney in the Enlightenment, a special volume of Historical Reflections (Summer, 2005). 

“From Emergency Law to Legal Process: Herbert Wechsler and the Second World War,”Suffolk University Law Review  (2007), co-authored with Malick W. Ghachem. 

"Why Is There No Headscarf Affair in the United States?"Historical Reflections  (Winter 2008). 

"Raymond Aron on Secular Religion and Communism," Journal of Classical Sociology  (2011). 

"The Confidence Factor in Liberal Education,"Liberal Education  (fall 2012). 

"Unmasking and Disclosure as Sociological Practices: Contrasting Modes for Understanding Religious and Other Beliefs,"Journal of Sociology  (December, 2012). Co-authored with Peter Baehr. 

"From the Headscarf to the Burqa: The Role of Social Theorists in Shaping Laws on the Veil," Economy and Society  (May, 2013). Co-authored with Peter Baehr. 

"Research for Whom?" (A history of the concept of academic research from 1820 to the present.) To appear in Knowledge for Whom?ed. Andreas Hess and Christian Fleck (Ashgate, 2013). 

Numerous review essays for History and Theory, including "Is Tocqueville Defunct?" (vol. 43, 2004). 

"Uncivilized Civilization: Raynal and the Global Public Sphere," in Raynal's Histoire des deux Indes: Colonialism, Networks, and Global Exchange (Oxford: The Voltaire Foundation, 2015), pp. 103-117.

"From Act to Fact: The Transformation of Suicide in Western Thought," Historical Reflections, vol. 42, issue 2 (Summer, 2016), pp. 32-51.

"The Perplexities of Beginning: Hannah Arendt's Theory of Revolution," in Peter Baehr and Phillip Walsh, eds., (The Anthem Companion to Hannah Arendt) (Anthem Press, 2017).

Courses Recently Taught

Western Thought to 1600
U.S. Constitutional History
Ideas that Changed History
Foreign Perceptions of the United States
Comparative Law
The Political Theory of the American Revolution