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Internship & Career Development Office

Yes. There are jobs for history majors. History works in the world.

The history department helps history majors prepare for life after UMass by teaching the “nuts and bolts” of career development along with the equally important ability to communicate what the UMass History experience has given them. Our students develop valuable critical thinking, research, writing, analysis, oral presentation, and collaboration skills as well as sensitivity to diverse human experiences over time and place.  When employers ask—“What skills and perspectives do history majors offer the workplace?”—our students have an answer.

Watch Kady McGann talk about the value of majoring in History at UMass Amherst:

Read the American Historical Association blog article, Entering the Job Market with a BA in History.

Your Internship & Career Advisor 

Advisor: Heather Brinn 
Location: 622 Herter Hall 

Office Hours: Tuesday 12:00- 5:00
You can also make in-person and digital appointments Monday - Friday 

What do we offer? 

  • Resume & Cover Letter Crafting
  • Career Strategy Sessions 
  • Internship Assistance 
  • History 398A: Career Development for History Majors: A 2-credit pass/fail, practicum offered each spring and fall  
  • Career Development Events: Workshops on career paths, networking, resumes, and more!