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The Feinberg Course

History 200: "Revolutionary Visions, Past and Present"

"Another world is possible!" Social movements everywhere have adopted this slogan in recent decades. Activists in the more distant past were often guided by the same belief: that alternatives to an unjust status quo were both conceivable and achievable. As they struggled to survive in the face of tyranny and oppression, many also fought to develop new revolutionary systems based on principles like equity, autonomy, inclusiveness, and environmental sustainability.

Taught by Professor Kevin Young, this course will examine some of these struggles and how their protagonists tried to create a better future. Case studies will include black and indigenous liberation movements in U.S. history, revolutions in Latin America and Asia, radical working-class movements in Europe, and even some examples from western Massachusetts. We will also touch upon how some "revolutionary" visions have gone wrong, contributing to the oppression of certain groups.

The course will take place in conjunction with the History department's 2018-2019 Feinberg Family Distinguished Lecture Series, titled "Another World is Possible." Students will be required to attend several of the series events as part of the course. Events will feature activists, artists, and historians discussing the relevance of history to current-day movements for justice. 

History 200 is a 4 credit class. It fulfills the "Historical Studies" (HS) General Education requirement at UMass Amherst. It is open to all UMass and Five College students, as well as students from other institutions and the general public. There are no prerequisites. Register on SPIRE.

Course notes: History 200 is a repeatable course. Students who have enrolled in a previous version of History 200 are able to retake it and receive additional credit. On SPIRE and on your official transcripts, the official title of the class is "New Approaches to History."