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The Lviv Philharmonic and the Legacy of Thomas de Hartmann

Film Screening and Discussion

Join the UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center for the premiere of Reclamation: The Legacy of Thomas de Hartmann, accompanied by a concert film and discussion panel featuring UMass Professor of History Audrey Altstadt alongside music professor Evan MacCarthy, members of the Thomas de Hartmann Project Elan Sicroff and Efrem Marder, and Theodore Kuchar, principal conductor of the Lviv National Philharmonic Orchestra of Ukraine. The event explores the role of art in national identity during the twentieth century and today.

Through interviews with faculty experts from UMass, the conductor and concertmaster of the Lviv Philharmonic, the musical director of the Thomas de Hartmann Project, and the Fine Arts Center's performing arts curator, Reclamation examines multiple layers of meaning in the historic concert. From the ongoing effort to restore "lost" Ukrainian born composer de Hartmann's work to the western canon, to the competing efforts of Ukraine and Russia to claim de Hartmann as a countryman, to the parallels between the Nazi occupation of Ukraine during World War II — to which de Hartmann's concerto is a response — and the current Russian invasion, the film provides a look into art and its influence.

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