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Dominique Pierre Batiste

Headshot of Dominique Batiste in front of a landscapeMasters Candidate

Fields: Public History, Witchcraft, & Indigenous Europe
Faculty: Dr. Samuel Redman 
Education: A.A. Holyoke Community College; B.A. Umass Amherst; M.A. UT Austin; Ph.D. UT Austin

Domininque Pierre Batiste, Ph.D., is an anthropologist with 15 years experience in research, data collection, data management, and analysis.  His research involves the ethnographic study of Modern Witchcraft, in North America and Europe.  His work explores witchcraft, not through the vector of religion, but through affect theory, phenomenology, new materialism, and cultural geography, revealing witchcraft to be an assemblage, a set of daily practices that only in and of themselves produce the world of witchcraft—a worlding that emerges in which human and non-human forces and forms coalesce, are given value, and intensified through orientations, attachments, and attunements to enchantment.  His exploration of the particular relationships between witches and their environments (what he calls “a queer ecology of enchantment”) manifests as intensely political, without being couched in terms of political activism, and contributes to affect studies, anthropology, history, sociology, psychology, religious studies, new materialism, cultural geography, and the emerging field of Pagan Studies, by situating enchantment and witchcraft in relation to health movements, American and European spirituality, and queer forms of sociality.

In Fall 2017, Dominique joined the Umass Public History Masters Program, shifting his career focus away from the academy proper, and seeking a challenging and rewarding public history career as curator or archivist at a museum, archive, or historical site.

Geographical areas of focus: North America, Scotland, France.