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Anotida Chikumbu

Fields: Southern Africa and the United States

Faculty: Professor John Higginson 

Education: BA/MA (University of Zimbabwe)

Anotida Chikumbu’’s broader research focus is on the Political Economy of Development in Colonial and Post-Colonial Southern Africa. He is primarily interested in the interweaving of government policy, economic activity and livelihood sources. He previously studied and taught Economic History at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare. He is also a columnist for South Africa’s Maverick Citizen, a section of the Daily Maverick. His most recent article “Fight or Surrender: The Plight of the Young in Zimbabwe can be accessed on 

As Talk-show host for his own show the Book-TV with Anotida Chikumbu, he has interviewed over a 100 Professors who have published books and articles on African history, politics, and the economy.

Most episodes of the "Book TV" feature discussions with authors of nonfiction books, usually in the form of interviews, lectures, or seminars. The series sometimes includes coverage of major book fairs and festivals. Some of the notable names who have appeared on the show include Professors; Elizabeth Schmidt, Tukufu Zuberi, Nic Cheeseman, John Higginson, Michael O. West, Rita Abrahamsen & Christopher Cramer.