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Anotida Chikumbu

Fields: History of Zimbabwe, Comparative Labor History and 20th century US history 

Faculty: Prof. John Higginson 

Education: BA (Hons) EconHs

                   MA EconHs (Merit) 

                  (University of Zimbabwe)

Anotida Chikumbu is a PhD student and Teaching Assistant in the Department of History at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He currently tutors the history of North Africa and the Middle East since 1500. He has also tutored the history of Power and Violence in South Africa. He previously worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Economic History at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare where he taught Economics for Economic Historians. His broader research focus is on aspects of 20th century war economics, colonial military and labour history. He is particularly interested in the nature of internal conflict and the processes of post-conflict transition and particularly as they relate to states in sub-Saharan Africa. His primary research interest is the disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) of ex-combatants, given the critical importance of (DDR) to the consolidation of post-conflict security and development. One of his most notable published works is Re-integration of Ex-combatants into Civilian Life: The Case of Southern Rhodesia, (Colonial Zimbabwe), 1939-1955. Chikumbu is currently working on the publication of a book entitled ''From Combatants to Contractors''.