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2018 Thesis Symposium

“Making the New Deal: FDR idealist? Or pragmatist?” by  Luke Bergquist,  advised by Professor Samuel Redman and Professor Christian Appy    

“Women of Fashion: Marketing Fashion and Gender in Eighteenth-Century France” by Lauren Coombes, advised by Professor Jennifer Heuer and Professor Janie Vanpée (Smith, French Studies)

"The gifts of freedom ill assort with the condition of a slave:  Women’s Reception of Classics in the American Abolitionist Movement” by Frances Fleming, advised by Professor Teresa Ramsby (Classics) and Professor Marla Miller

“The Rise of the Nation-State in Syria” by Stuart Foster, advised by Professor Anne Broadbridge and Professor David Mednicoff (Middle Eastern Studies)

“The Chinese Exclusion Act Era” by Bahar Gokcek, advised by Professor Jennifer Fronc and Professor Richard Chu

“Preserving History, Reviving Cities: The Heritage State Parks of Massachusetts” by Devon King, advised by Professor David Glassberg, Professor Samuel Redman, and Professor John Mullin (Regional Planning)

“Tudor Treason or Stuart Stupidity: The Law and Politics of Treason and Sovereignty from Henry VIII to Charles II” by  Benjamin Lerer, advised by Professor Barry Levy and Professor Jennifer Heuer

“Migrant Farm Labor and the News: A Study of Media Coverage of Guest Worker Programs in the United States” by Joseph Liporace, advised by Professor Jennifer Fronc and Professor Scott Blinder (Political Science)

“Corruption and Brutality Within the Magdalen Asylums: An Historical Analysis of the Catholic Church’s Influence on Irish National Politics and Identity” by Cassidy McDonald, advised by Professor Jennifer Heuer and Professor Patricia Gorman (Commonwealth Honors College)

“A Question of Nationhood: Perspectives on China during the Hundred Days' Reform” by Justin Murphy, advised by Professor Stephen Platt and Professor Sigrid Schmalzer

“An Examination of Impact Litigation for Reproductive Rights in the 20th and 21st Centuries and its Implications for Social Change” by Indira Rao, advised by Professor Jennifer Fronc and Professor Jennifer Nye

“The Men Who Sold the World:  The House of Morgan and Germany, 1914-1945” by Tristan Tenerowicz, advised by Professor Jennifer Fronc and Professor Christian Appy

“Wielding Artistry for the Vote: Three Women of the American Suffrage Movement” by Kara Westhoven, advised by Professor Marla Miller and Professor Karen Kurczynski (Art History)