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Higher Education Program

The Higher Education graduate program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is geared toward people who are interested in pursuing careers as administrators, faculty, researchers, policy analysts, and student affairs professionals in colleges, universities, and state or federal agencies devoted to post-secondary education.

The program offers the Master’s (M.Ed.) and Doctoral (Ed.D.) degrees, and each program of study has structured course offerings as well as the flexibility to choose electives and design a plan of study that incorporates your personal interests while satisfying the program requirements. The M.Ed. program emphasizes preparation for a career as an administrator in student affairs or academic affairs, while the Ed.D. program stresses preparation for a career as an administrator, researcher, or faculty member.

We also offer a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Leadership. The Graduate Certificate is a 15-credit academic program focused on the study of leadership, management and organization in higher education with a focus on the intersection of theory and practice. This Graduate Certificate is aimed at the many current and future leaders in higher education who would benefit from leadership training, but who do not need another advanced degree. The program is fully online making it convenient for busy professionals from a wide geographic area.

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Master’s or Doctoral program – Chrystal George Mwangi,
Graduate Certificate – Kate Hudson,