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University Support for Faculty Research

The University’s Office of Research and Engagement supports the research and creative efforts of HFA faculty through several grant and award programs. Those most relevant for HFA faculty are listed below. Further information, including descriptions of the programs, submission guidelines, and application forms, is available here.

The FRG/HEG program provides seed money for projects that may lead to the submission of peer-reviewed research papers and/or to the submission of proposals for external funding. Junior faculty members and other recently hired faculty are encouraged to apply. Workshops designed to help prepare a competitive application are generally held during the month before the deadline (August and January).  Information should be posted online, but you may confirm that one is scheduled by contacting Michelle Wonsey (577-3726).

  • Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowship Awards
    Deadline: 12:00 noon, Friday, December 7, 2018.

    The Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowship provides faculty members with an opportunity to focus on their research or creative activities by offering a one-year release from teaching and service duties in addition to a $3,500 cash award. Fellows are chosen based on their record of outstanding accomplishments in research and creative activity and on their potential for continued excellence based on the project that would be undertaken during the fellowship period. 
    Departmental and self-nominations should be submitted to Joye Bowman, Associate  Dean for Research.

All HFA faculty who are members of the MSP are encouraged to apply.  Awards of up to $1,000 may be made to bargaining unit members who are active in research and who do not have access to significant alternative funding. These funds may be requested in anticipation of upcoming expenses or as reimbursement for eligible expenses. 

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement’s Subvention Program assists faculty members with costs associated with dissemination of their scholarly and creative efforts, including, but not limited to book publication, image rights, exhibition notes, recording costs, and CD or book jacket design.

In addition to campus and Five College Consortium library resources, faculty have access to a world-wide network of information via interlibrary loan and document delivery.  Information about the full range of services to support research is readily available online.  In nearly every case, these library resources can be accessed easily.  Harvard University libraries, however, have unique borrowing policies and charge access fees to users not affiliated with the institution.  To support the research needs of UMass Amherst faculty who wish to access materials at a Harvard Library, the Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement will provide funding to reimburse the fee(s) for tenured or tenure-track faculty incurred by the faculty’s home department.  While there will be no out-of-pocket expense for participating faculty, individuals will be responsible for all materials that they borrow from these libraries, including any fines or fees incurred.  The procedures to participate in this program are posted online.