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Research Grants

Applications will be accepted until:  12:00 noon on the first Fridays in October and March
October 2, 2020 and March 5, 2021)

Maximum amount:  $1,000

Applications that request funds for travel or that are dependent upon travel will not be accepted until the campus's travel policy allows university funds to be used for travel expenses.

Amounts up to $1,000 may be requested by an HFA faculty member for materials and expenses related to a research project or a creative activity to be undertaken. Research Grants cannot be used as compensation for faculty time and must be connected to the advancement of a specific project. 

Funds awarded in the fall round become available in January and generally must be expended within one month of the activity's conclusion, but no later than the end of the academic year, i.e. August 31st.  Similarly, those awarded in the spring become available in July and should be expended within one month of the activity's completion, but no later than the end of that calendar year, i.e. December 31st.  Awards must be used for the purpose specified and by the date set in award letters.  Award notification letters will include information specific to each recipient's circumstances and can only be amended with written permission of the Associate Dean of Research.


All full-time faculty members in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts whose appointment extends beyond the current fiscal year may apply.
Faculty members who spent Research Grant awards in any of the four previous semesters are ineligible.

Because campus resources for subvention support are not open to lecturers, beginning in Spring 2021, the college's lecturers may request an HFA Research Grant to be applied to subvention costs.  N.B.  This use of HFA Research Grant funds is not available to tenured and tenure-track faculty members who should request subvention funds through the university's and college's programs designated for this purpose.

Application process

Complete the online application.  The description of your project and its role in your overall research/creative agenda are limited to a MAXIMUM of 750 and 300 CHARACTERS, respectively.  Please note the character count includes spaces.  We recommend you prepare these paragraphs in advance.  You can check the character count in Word for PC:  select the Review tab→click on Word Count→see Characters (with spaces) number. This feature should be available in other word-processing software, although it may have a different location.  Copy and paste your responses into the application form.

You may save partial applications and return later to complete and submit them.  Be sure to follow the instructions and copy the link provided in order to return to your application.  The budget document should be uploaded only when you are ready to submit your completed application.  It will not be saved if you exit the form before clicking on the submit button.

Post-grant report

Faculty members who receive Research Grants will submit a one-page report within one month of the grant's end to the Associate Dean.  The report will summarize progress made on the grant-supported activity and its impact on the faculty member's larger research or creative efforts.  Neglecting to do so will place future requests for support at a disadvantage.

For more information

Contact Lynne Latham.