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Research Leaves and Salary Supplementation

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts will, as resources and circumstances allow, facilitate the acceptance of grants and fellowships by its tenured and tenure-track faculty members. Recipients of competitive grants and fellowships that support original research and creative activity may request a “research leave” to accept or participate in the opportunity and salary supplementation to maintain 100% of their university income and the benefits for which they are normally eligible during the award period.  The procedure for making such requests is outlined below:

  • Faculty members share fellowship/grant award notifications with their department heads/chairs, the HFA Associate Dean for Research, the College’s Chief Personnel Officer, and the HFA Research Business Manager Liaison as soon as practicable after their receipt.
  • Faculty members who wish to request a research leave and salary supplementation for a sabbatical or a non-sabbatical leave send a request to their department heads/chairs accompanied by a copy of the fellowship/grant award letter and any additional information about the terms and conditions of the award. 
  • Department heads/chairs forward this information to the Associate Dean for Research with a memorandum that includes:
    • a statement of support or a statement explaining his/her absence of support;
    • a statement describing if or how the department will cover the award recipient’s courses during the fellowship/grant period;
    • a request describing and justifying any additional financial resources, if they are required, to cover curricular needs during the faculty member’s absence.  Requests for such funds must be made at this time and are subject to the College’s ability to allocate financial resources to this purpose.

Requests for research/non-sabbatical leaves and salary supplementation are granted solely at the discretion of the Dean and are based on various factors including the merits of the individual case, whether or not the faculty member recently received a leave or supplementation associated with another grant, the curricular needs of the affected department, and the College’s financial resources and priorities. Research leaves and salary supplementation are granted with the expectation that the faculty member will return to the University to perform her/his duties as a faculty member for a full year following the leave.

When favorable action on a request is granted, a letter acknowledging the leave and outlining the terms of any supplementation support will be sent to the award recipient. This letter must be signed by the faculty member and returned to the Associate Dean for Research.

A leave is not approved and supplementation is not granted until the process described above is completed and the candidate has returned a signed copy of the official notification letter.