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Research Intensive Semester

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts' Research Intensive Semester (RIS) program was developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Society of Professors. The program gives assistant professors time to focus on projects critical to their upcoming tenure review. In this context, the word “research” covers a broad range of creative and scholarly work.

A Research Intensive Semester releases participants from their teaching duties. (See the MSP contract's Appendix D revised summer 2020). Since it is neither a leave nor a sabbatical, participants continue to be available for advising, service, and other departmental responsibilities. 


Department Chairs will submit a form for each assistant professor who will participate in the RIS program in the following academic year.  This form collects information about the RIS participant's courses and professional development.

  • Due Date for AY2023-24 is November 14, 2022

Assistant professors should complete this online form.

  • Due Date for AY2023-24 is November 14, 2022

For more information

Contact Senior Associate Dean Joye Bowman or Associate Dean Jason Moralee.