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Conference Grants

Applications will be accepted until: 12:00 noon on the first Fridays in October and in March
March 6, 2020
and October 2, 2020)                                    

Maximum amount: $3,000

Conference Grants provide partial support for conferences and colloquia sponsored by HFA faculty members and their departments and hosted on the UMass Amherst campus.  

  • The March deadline is for conferences/colloquia scheduled during the 2021 academic year (September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021).
  • The October deadline is for conferences/colloquia scheduled during the 2021 calendar year (January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021).

Award amounts will be determined based on a 1 to 2 match up to the maximum $3,000, i.e. a proposal that has secured $1,100 in funding, would be eligible for up to $2,200 toward expenses from HFA. 


Any full-time faculty member may apply.

Application process

Complete the online application below.  You will be able to save a partially completed application and return to finish and submit it.  Please be sure to follow the instructions directing you to copy and save the link provided.  The two documents you are asked to include should be uploaded only when you are ready to submit your application.  These will not be saved if you exit the form before clicking on the submit button.

Criteria for evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated by the HFA Research Council according to the following ranked criteria and will be awarded on a competitive basis:

  1. the importance of the conference to the applicant’s larger research agenda/creative plan and to the department’s research strengths;
  2. the likelihood that the substance of the conference will engage the department, its students, and scholars in the field;
  3. and the likelihood that the conference will take place at the specified time.

Post-grant report

Faculty members who receive Conference Grants will submit a one-page report to the Associate Dean for Research summarizing the conference within one month of the event.  Neglecting to do so may place future requests for support at a disadvantage.

For more information

Contact Lynne Latham (413-545-0378).