Research Presentation Program

Application due date: Applications should be submitted in advance of the presentation and will not be accepted when received more than one month after the presentation date.

Maximum amount: $1,250 per faculty member to intra-continental destinations OR $1,500 to intercontinental destinations per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Faculty members in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts present the results of their research, creative, and scholarly efforts at conferences, educational institutions, and professional meetings nationally and internationally. To encourage and support this activity the College offers the Research Presentation Program. 

  • This program does not support general conference attendance and is not available to those serving as a panel convener, organizer, discussant, or moderator, unless they are also presenting a research paper. 
  • Requests for amounts up to $1,250 or $1,500, depending on the departure and destination cities, will be considered. Funds may be applied to registration fees, airfare, lodging, meals (per diem), etc.
  • The amount available may be directed toward a single or multiple presentations, e.g. $732 awarded for a presentation in Philadelphia would leave $518 that could be applied to a subsequent presentation in Calgary ($1,250 - $732) or $768 toward the expenses of one in Budapest ($1,500 - $732).
  • The fiscal year to which an award applies is determined by the date on which a presentation is made, e.g. approval of an application submitted on May 17, 2016 for a presentation on July 5, 2016 would make it an FY2017 award.


Applications will be accepted from all full-time HFA faculty members.

Application Process

Requests should be submitted well in advance and must be received no later than one month after the presentation date.  Processing requests submitted between Monday February 12th and Monday, April 2nd will be delayed due to a medical leave.  If you have already used a university travel card or otherwise require reimbursement before mid-April, please contact Assoc. Dean Rex Wallace.

If you request funds for multiple presentations, a separate application must be submitted for each one. 

A complete application includes the three items listed below.

  1. The online application »

  2. A single-page abstract of the research you will present or the paper you will give. If you will read from, perform, or exhibit your creative work, your "abstract" should identify and describe the material to be featured and explain why it was chosen.

  3. An event program, program screenshot, or other publicity showing your name, presentation title, and presentation date.

Submit items #2 and #3 to Lynne Latham via e-mail.

Questions should be addressed to Lynne Latham at or 5-0378.