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Banu Subramaniam

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Banu Subramaniam

(413) 545-1922

W401B South College


Ghost Stories for Darwin: The Science of Variation and the Politics of Diversity (University of Illinois Press, 2014)

“The Aliens in our Midst: Managing Our Ecosystems,” In Controversies in Science and Technology: From Sustainability to Surveillance [Evolution to Energy]. Daniel Lee Kleinman and Jo Handelsman eds., Oxford University Press, 2014

“Matter in the Shadows: Feminist New Materialism and the Practices of Colonialism,” In Mattering: Feminism, Science and Materialism, Victoria Pitts-Taylor ed. NYU Press, 2015 (with Deboleena Roy)

“The Mating Life of Geeks: Love, Science, and the New Autistic Subject,” Signs, Winter 2015( with Angela Willey, Jennifer Hamilton and Jane Couperus)

“Assembling Asian/American Naturecultures: Orientalism and Invited Invasions,” Journal of Asian American Studies, Volume 16, No 1, February 2013, 1-23 (with Karen Cardozo)

“Re-Owning the Past: DNA and the Politics of Belonging,” In Negotiating Culture: Heritage, Ownership, and Intellectual Property, University of Massachusetts Press, 2013.

Awards and Accolades

2016 Ludwik Fleck Prize for the book “Ghost Stories for Darwin: The Science of Variation and the Politics of Diversity” (2014 University of Illinois Press).

Courses Recently Taught

  • Race, Gender and Science; Introduction to the Biology of Difference
  • Clones & Clones: The Politics of Reproductive Cloning; Genes & Gender
  • Feminism, Religion, and Science; Gender, Sexuality, and Culture; Gender and Difference
  • Feminist Research Methods; Morals & Medicine
  • Interrogating Fear; Gender and Technology
  • Feminists go to the Movies