Internships and Networking

The work world runs on the maxim: “People hire who they know and who they like,” so sitting back and expecting a career and a job to lay itself at your feet with no investment on your part will probably result in fewer interesting choices upon graduation. Getting out into the world, interacting with people, working in some capacity alongside them will allow you to experience new environments and make connections with people who can help your future.

Finding Internships

Networking and Informational Interviews

Field experience, co-ops, internships, practicums, externships – everyone uses the words in different ways. Whatever they are called, they give you the chance to test out work environments and gain experience. Participating in field experiences while at UMass is one of the best ways to prepare for your career.

The difference between Internships and Co-ops at UMass Amherst

An internship is a position in an organization that provides you with a professional-level training experience. Internships happen year-round, they may be paid or unpaid, for credit or not. Credited internships require a faculty sponsor to determine the applicable number of credits.

A co-op is a four to nine-month position related to your major, for which you are working at least 20 hours per week and earning at least minimum wage. During a fall or spring co-op, you will set school aside for a period of time, yet maintain your status as an enrolled UMass Amherst student without paying tuition. When you complete the co-op, after Central Career Services receive the evaluations and you have logged your hours, co-op recognition can appear on your transcript.

To register a credited internship or a co-op, go to Central Career Services, 512 Goodell, call 413-545-2224, or email

CEI Internships

This site provides full, up to date information on over 3,000 organizations offering internships and summer jobs for students.

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