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Guest Speaker Funding

Applications will be accepted until: 
          12:00 noon on the first Friday in November for events held in the calendar year that follows (January-December)
          12:00 noon on the first Friday in April for events held in the academic year that follows (September-May)

The Margarita Hopkins Rand Distinguished Lectures and the Lois E. Toko Lecture Series endowments were established to bring guest lectures and speakers to campus who will inspire, engage, and inform students in the college. 

Application process

  • Departments may submit one application per round.
  • Awards will generally be no more than $4,000 and will typically be directed toward honoraria, travel costs, and accommodations. Proposals may receive full or partial funding.
  • The number of proposals funded will depend on the amounts available and the number of high guality applications. We anticipate support for three or four presentations each year.
  • Preference will be given to proposals that make a compelling case for the invited speaker(s), that have potential for the greatest impact on students, and that have the financial support of other campus constituencies.

For more information

Contact Lynne Latham (413-545-0378)