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Coronavirus Update: UMass Amherst has shifted to remote delivery of all instruction, having suspended in-person classes, including laboratory, studio, capstone and graduate courses, until the end of the semester. In accordance with the Governor’s emergency order, only onsite personnel should report to campus, unless contacted by a supervisor. Additional updates and resources can be found at

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The College of Humanities and Fine Arts is the creative and cultural heart of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are unwaveringly committed to providing our students with an excellent liberal arts education, and believe that the value of studying the arts and humanities is limitless.

To enhance our ability to provide students with a meaningful, relevant, and inspiring education, Dean Julie Hayes has prioritized three core areas that stretch across the fourteen diverse departments within HFA, and in some cases, the entire UMass Amherst campus.

With your support, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts provides the education and preparation needed for today’s students to take on this future and become tomorrow’s leaders.