Finding Jobs upon Graduation

Researching Employers

Since “People hire who they know and who they like,” finding a job is often about focusing on a company or organization, networking, interning, and then applying for a job.

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Working Abroad

Searching for jobs through online portals, websites, and newspaper ads is only one part of the process of finding a job. Using these resources should not be the primary way you look for a position. Instead, use them as part of a process that includes networking and building experience.


At UMass, we first direct students to look for job opportunities through UMass Amherst CareerConnect, an interactive database that allows you to search for jobs all over the country as well as international opportunities. When you enter through the Career Services portal you will find the site tailored to UMass Amherst students, with calendar and events listings. 

On-Campus Interviews through CareerConnect

You may get opportunities to interview with prospective employers when they are on campus. The companies who come to campus to interview are generally larger ones who:

  • Are seeking entry-level employees
  • Anticipate multiple openings across departments
  • Have budgets allowing staff to travel
  • Previously hired students from UMass Amherst

The scheduling of on-campus interviews is managed through the CareerConnect portal. On CareerConnect, you can find lists of employers who have scheduled interviews as well as links to job descriptions and application instructions.