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External Funding Notice

HFA faculty members have a record of success in securing research grants and fellowships.  To enable the Dean's Office to be supportive when faculty members receive such recognition, it is important for us to have as much advance notice when faculty are contemplating or planning to apply for a fellowship, residency, grant, etc. . 

To that end, faculty members are asked to submit an online form for each external funding application they are considering.  You are encouraged to provide this information well in advance of the application deadline, but please note that completing this form does not represent a commitment to submitting an application.  Circumstances often change, but we prefer to have advance notice than to find out after the fact.

Applicants for external funds should discuss their plans with a member of Research and Engagement's Proposal Development Team in the Office of Pre-Award Services well in advance of the application deadline.  Their assistance in developing a budget, negotiating the on-campus submission process, and in managing other details is essential.

Questions about this process may be addressed to Lynne Latham (5-0378).

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