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Exploratory Track

The University of Massachusetts Amherst recognizes that many students are not ready to choose a specific major when first entering the University or are not aware of the many majors offered. To provide these students with an opportunity to learn more about the academic majors the University has to offer, the University is implementing an Exploratory Track program for all students who are undeclared or undecided on their major and are entering the University in Fall 2015.  This program provides students with a timely and in-depth exploration of majors, including advising and support programs embedded within our Schools and Colleges. 

Undeclared or undecided students are placed into an Exploratory Track based on a review of their interests as outlined in their application materials. This track is intended to guide studetns toward majors they are most suited to, but does not restrict students to majors within their Exploratory Track's school or college. They will be provided with advising assistance and support programs, including a first year seminar, through their Exploratory Track to help them with this exploration.

Exploratory Track for Undeclared Students: Humanities & Fine Arts

The Humanities and Fine Arts Exploratory Track prepares students to be citizens in a rapidly changing world by challenging them to create, express themselves, and engage with others. By exploring an array of languages, music, art forms, ideas, stories, and shared human experiences, students are transformed into innovative problem solvers and thinkers ready to tackle careers in a myriad of fields, including business, law, medicine, education, and the arts (among countless others). They develop useful and transferrable skills that are invaluable to employers.

This Exploratory Track allows students to discover a major that allows them to pursue their passions—in art, literature, design, music, language, history, and many other fields—while gaining valuable skills. Striking this unique balance allows today's students of humanities and fine arts to develop into tomorrow's artists, teachers, creators, inventors, and leaders.

Contact the HFA Advising Center with any questions regarding your Exploratory Track or declaring a major.