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Shattered Relationalities, Fetishizing Trauma and the Task of Representation with Prof. Linh Thuỷ Nguyễn

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Nov 10, 2022 | 4:30 pm

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Linh Thuỷ Nguyễn


Please join us for the last event in this fall's Asian American Feminism's series featuring Linh Thuỷ Nguyễn, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Washington, as she discusses, "Shattered Relationalities, Fetishizing Trauma and the Task of Representation."

Linh Thuỷ Nguyễn explains, "In the last three decades, memoir and fiction by the children of Vietnamese refugees have proliferated as narratives of trauma, loss and a search for origins and identity. What makes it easier to think family trauma than to name what undergirds it? Rather than seeking a coherent “Vietnamese American” identity, I engage a feminist politics of ambivalence and intergenerational trauma to examine the affective experiences of racialization in second-generation texts focused on the everyday violences and traumas of subjection involved in being Vietnamese in the United States."

Linh Thuỷ Nguyễn, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor in American Ethnic Studies, adjunct Assistant Professor in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies and faculty in the Southeast Asia Center at the University of Washington. She specializes in and teaches classes on Asian American and Southeast Asian American cultural studies, immigration and refugee studies, Asian American feminisms, war and race. Her current book project explores the interpersonal and structural relationships between history, memory, race, war, migration and family in the Vietnamese diaspora. 

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