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Belletti and Rizzi Special Talks

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The Department of Linguistics is welcoming Adriana Beletti and Luigi Rizzi for special talks on October 5th from 11:30am-1:30pm.

Adriana Belletti's article describes the main distributional and interpretive properties of Italian a-Topics, which overall behave like non- a-marked topics as far are their distribution and their interpretive possibilities are concerned but involve some supplementary feature, such as e.g. affectedness, involvement. It also looks at the phenomenon through the lenses of some recent acquisition results, which show an overextended use of a-Topics by Italian speaking children. 

Luigi Rizzi's talk will address the role of interface principles determining the interpretation of topic and focus structures; of intervention locality (Relativized Minimality) on movement configurations, which rules out on principled grounds certain orderings ; and the labeling algorithm, which can capture freezing effects, both in the high and low periphery.