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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
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Courses Related to Diversity and Racial Justice

(Undergraduate and Graduate, Listed Alphabetically by Departments and Programs)

Responding to calls from our students and the larger campus community to strengthen and expand anti-racist and social justice curriculum and pedagogy, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts seeks to highlight the following courses. These courses are one part of our ongoing efforts and heightened commitment to teaching and scholarship that recognizes the crucial and often neglected contributions, experiences and struggles of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and the historical and contemporary legacies of systemic racism and its intersections with other forms of inequality and injustice.  Courses and programs being offered in the coming spring aim to integrate diverse content, critical thinking skills and classroom spaces that foster deep and transformative engagement with these concerns.

Spring 2023

(Updated: November 9, 2022)