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The Department of Theater is defined by a spirit of creativity, inspiration, and collaboration. The Theater department attracts a passionate and diverse body of liberal arts students and helps them develop their artistic talents and skills for future careers in theater, education, and a variety of other fields.

The program emphasizes an independent, “can do” approach to producing professional-caliber works and bringing them to life on stage. 

Our undergraduate program is grounded in the belief that the performing arts draw on a unique combination of intellectual and artistic skills and talents, which are most fully developed when theory and practice are integrated into the learning experience. Students take classes in three major areas of study: Dramaturgy, Performance and Design. Students who minor choose to focus on 2 of these areas. 

Non-majors and majors alike are able to work toward our Multicultural Theater Certificate which focuses on understanding the history, representation and creative processes of people of color, as well as the cultural context of multicultural theater in this country.  

Our graduate program teaches students how to collaborate successfully with fellow theater-makers, with a production season that serves as a teaching laboratory.  

The faculty takes pride in mentoring students and encouraging them to be original, take risks, and create art rooted in empathy and shared humanity.

Why Theater? Our greatest achievement is in our graduates, who either use their Theater skills and training creatively in an array of fields and jobs or who go on to do professional theater work and inspire us as the next generation of thinking artists, creative problem solvers, and enterprising young citizens.