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Communications Support

Reaching our audience.

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts is available to help you with your communications needs and projects. As representatives of the University, we are also stewards of the UMass Amherst brand, and are dedicated to upholding the standards set by University Relations and the Chancellor's Office.

We work with colleagues across the university to build public understanding of and support for the college's mission and how it supports that of UMass Amherst, enhance communications, and foster relationships with external constituencies.

Working with website design and development vendors and University Relations, we provide tools for use by departments and other groups across the College, support our network of department and program websites, and maintain the primary HFA website. By offering this support, we can ensure that all websites meet accessibility requirements and provide consistent, accurate representation of the College.

What can we help you with?

The HFA communications team may be able help you with a number of projects. The projects we assist with must be in line with messaging priorities, and must serve as part of a larger strategy or initiative within the university, college, or unit. Due to time and resource constraints, we may not be able to assist in all projects, and prioritize projects that have a strategic purpose. Depending on the scope of the project, we will need anywhere from 2 weeks (e.g., simple posters, headshots, quick website updates) to 4 months (e.g., annual reports, major website projects).

Contact Sarah Gibbons, Director of Marketing & Communications, for more information: 413-577-4423.

For website support, contact Andee Browne-Tatro, Web Administrator: 413-545-2259. 

Communications Quick Links

Publicize your Event »

Our culturally and creatively focused departments, programs, and centers host events throughout the year, keeping us busy. If you've got an event coming up that you'd like to publicize, work with HFA's communications team to publish the event on our calendar and get the word out.

Faculty Publications & Creative Projects Submission Form »

Please use this form to provide information about your professional research, creative activities, and points of contact for public engagement. Examples of the products, activities, and outreach on which we would like to collect information include, but are not limited to: books (authored, co-authored, edited, or co-edited); articles; recordings; exhibitions; performances; or public engagement opportunities (e.g. opinion  pieces, longer newspaper/magazine articles, etc.).

News Intake Form » 

This intake form helps us understand your news more fully so we can craft accurate social media posts, news stories and can help you pitch your story to the university News Office and outside media. (The News Office has the ‘first right of refusal’ for the stories we pitch, and is the sole office with the capability to distribute press releases). You can download this document and send along your answers to

UMass Brand Guide »

The university's brand is so important because of the vast audience we speak to: prospective students, alumni, donors, faculty, staff, and students; business, education, and community leaders; local, national, and international media. Whether we are sending out an email blast, a formal invitation, or communicating through social media, it is imperative that our branding remain consistent and represent quality and excellence.

University Relations Project Request »

University Relations harnesses the resources and expertise of a broad portfolio in a coordinated and strategic way to ensure that the powerful message of UMass Amherst reaches all of our varied audiences, both internal and external.