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Petition for Overload of Credit

This form is for students with a Primary Major in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts (including Exploratory Track students)

When to Use This Form

Fall/Spring: if you wish to take more than 19 credits (Dance and Music majors have special exceptions and are allowed to register for 20 and 21 credits respectively without Overload Petition).
Summer: if you wish to take more than 8 credits in any session.
Winter: if you wish to take more than 4 credits.


Please fill out this form completely and make sure to include the Personal Statement. This should explain why the overload is both desirable and possible. An Academic Dean will consider your GPA, the number of credits you have successfully completed in the past, the specific courses you wish to take, and how close you are to graduation.


Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0; no unresolved INCs; no Academic Sanctions (Academic Warning, Probation, Reinstatement from Suspension or Dismissal); additional course(s) must be appropriate. Students in the first semester of their first year are NOT eligible for a credit overload.


This petition will not affect the 19-credit limit for confirmed registration prior to the start of the fall/spring semester. Even if your request is approved, the request can’t be activated in SPIRE until closer to the beginning of the fall/spring semester (August/December); thus, you will not be able to add the overload course(s) before then. Spring semester requests may be held until after grades come out, so petitions reviewed in December may be tabled until January.

In Addition:

You are advised to add the courses that may be most important to your academic plan now in case they are full by the time a decision is made. You will receive the Dean's response at your UMass email. Please email if you have any technical issues and/or are concerned about whether the form went through. Do not resend unless instructed to do so; submitting multiple forms slows down the processing of your request.