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Summer Internship Assistance Fund

Internships and the experience, connections, and skills they help develop are vital components of effective career preparation.  When a substantive internship offers adequate pay, it is easier for students to take advantage of the opportunity.  When an internship offers little or no financial support, we are pleased to contribute be able to help those students thanks to the generosity of HFA alumni who recognize the importance of internships. 

Eligibility requirements: Only applications from students who meet ALL of the criteria listed below will be considered.

  1. A cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 2.5.
  2. Financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Services Office.
  3. Primary major in an HFA department.
  4. Registration as a full-time undergraduate student in the fall semester beginning after the internship.
  5. Support is requested for an internship that does not require payment of a fee or tuition to participate.


Application deadline:  TBD - we anticipate a priority deadline mid-spring semester and a second deadline in April.  Applications for summer 2019 internships will be accepted beginning early in the spring semester. 

Notification: 2-3 weeks after each application deadline date

Award amount:  Up to $2,000 if you must pay for housing, otherwise up to $1,250

Students may not know if their internship applications are successful by the submission deadlines.  To accommodate this uncertainty, students may submit a separate application for up to three potential internship opportunities, although no student will receive more than one award toward a full-time internship.  Exceptions may be made for students undertaking multiple part-time internships at the discretion of the review committee.  Students who submit multiple applications will be asked to rank the sites indicating their preference between or among them. 



The summer internship support application will appear below when submissions will be accepted.