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Careers & Internships


          5:30-7:30pm | South College E470

*This six session series will teach you many strategies and tips that will help you successfully navigate the job/internship search and application process. 

*Free dinner at every session!

*Receive a $20 Gift CardCertificate of Completion by attending all six sessions!

           *Register Here | Email with any questions.

 Please take a few minutes to complete your GRADUATION SURVEY to share your post graduation plans with the University of Massachusetts Amherst community. Check your UMass email account for the survey link or log onto your Handshake Account here (the link appears on the upper right hand corner after logging in).

           For assistance with your Internship Search

           Lisa Blacher
           Assistant Director of Internships
  or 413-545-6152

           For assistance with Career Exploration and Planning

          Caroline Gould
          Director of Career Development Services
 or 413-545-6152

           Here to Career Activities Checklist make sure you have great career opportunities upon graduation...

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is an academic environment, not a vocational school. You will probably need more than just a Bachelor’s degree to get a professional level job or be accepted into a graduate program upon graduation. Here are some things to do to increase your after-graduation possibilities:

  • Learn how to customize both your resume and cover letter (workshops)
  • Get your resume reviewed at WalkIn
  • Learn how to find internships (workshop)
  • Find, apply for, and then complete an internship
  • Attend employer information sessions
  • Learn how to interview (workshop)
  • Do another internship
  • Learn how to do Informational Interviewing (workshop)
  • Attend alumni networking events
  • Go to career and internship fairs as practice
  • Get your resume reviewed again at WalkIn
  • Do another internship
  • Learn how to maximize your efforts at a career fair (workshop)
  • Go to a career fair and interact with employers
  • Go to employer information sessions
  • Participate in On Campus Recruiting
  • Learn how to find job opportunities (workshop)
  • Get a job/go to grad school