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HFA Careers & Internships


Just In Time Virtual Career Fair

Thurs., April 15, 2021 | 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

For graduating seniors who do not yet have a job after graduation, meet employers still seeking to hire UMass students for full-time positions.

How to participate in the Virtual Fair:

  1. Download the Career Fair Plus App on your phone or by visiting (Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended).
  2. Select Student/Candidate.
  3. Select University of Massachusetts Amherst and then select preferred fair.
  4. Research employers here.
  5. Create an account and upload a resume onto Career Fair Plus.
  6. On the day of the event, use your desktop or laptop computer to connect with Providers through Career Fair Plus. Sign into the Fair here.

Additional Information:

  • Over 20 business and organizations will be represented.
  • You may begin scheduling your one-on-one and group meetings with recruiters today. Meetings are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don't miss out on this opportunity!
  • Business casual is recommended.
  • Fair is hosted by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, but all students are welcome!

Careers Credit Courses - Fall 2021

Check SPIRE  for specific course requirements and details. 

From Here to Career for Humanities and Fine Arts Majors (HM&FNART 292M | Two credits) - Open to declared HFA Majors & HFA Exploratory Track Students

This career development course is designed to help Humanities and Fine Arts students prepare for life by acquiring important professional skills and perspectives. The class will explore a variety of subjects, including how to customize resumes and cover letters, job and internship search strategies, interviewing skills, the importance of internships and networking, and what qualifications HFA majors bring to the job market.”

The Major & Beyond: Career Exploration for English Majors (ENGLISH 491AC | Two credits)  - Open to Sophomore & Junior English Majors

This career development course helps English Majors pave the way to a valuable post-graduate experience--be it a program, internship, or job. Students will practice important job search skills, learn to articulate the worth of your major, and leave the class with a better sense of their vocational direction. In addition to receiving individualized guidance in creating a cover letter and résumé of immediate use, other assignments are likely to include attendance at career events, interviews with professionals from fields of interest, a professional presentation, a short paper researching professions, and participation in a mock interview. 

History Career Development (HISTORY 398A | Two credits)  - Open to History Majors

This career development course is designed to help students prepare for life after the BA by acquiring important professional skills and perspectives. The class will explore a variety of subjects, including what qualifications History Majors bring to the job market, the importance of internships and networking, customizing resumes and cover letters, job and internship search strategies, and interviewing skills.

Senior Bridges (HISTORY 498S | One credit)  - Open to Seniors 

This career development course is designed for Seniors who have already taken a career development course to prepare for life after the BA by acquiring important professional skills and perspectives. Meets every other week.

Careers in Art History (ART-HIST 398 | One credit)Open to Art History Majors (and other majors with instructor approval)

This career development course is designated to help majors begin to plan art history careers through coursework, internships, and other work experiences. Students will explore potential career paths with guest speakers from museums, libraries, archives, galleries, auction houses, and more. 

Career & Grad School Preparation (ARCH 491G | One credit)  - Open to B.S. Architecture Majors

This career development course will focus on preparing Architecture students who are nearing graduation for what comes after the BS in ARCH degree. Students will learn about various career and graduate school pathways. We will also cover topics such as the job search process, networking, interview skills, and licensing requirements, among others. Ample time will be spent workshopping resume and portfolio design, as well as planning job or grad school application strategies.

Internship Funding Sources for Summer 2021

HFA Summer Internship Scholarships

Helps students participate in valuable summer internship experiences that have great potential but offer no compensation. We are grateful for the generosity of HFA alumni who know how important these experiences are and who have chosen to help make them possible. This is a competitive program. Those who succeed will be pursuing a high-quality internship that is likely to further their academic and professional goals or their career exploration. $1,000-3,000. Apply on Academic Works.  Scholarship applications due by Friday, April 23.   

Academic Works Internship Scholarships

Find a variety of listings of scholarships available to support internships. Open to currently enrolled UMass Amherst students. To apply to scholarships, you must first sign in with the same user name and password you use to access the campus login portal. Apply on Academic Works.

Souls Grown Deep Foundation Internships

Offers three paid internships to undergraduate students of color annually at select museums, affording part-time professional experience at a leading art museum during the academic year. Internships include a trip to visit the Foundation in Atlanta and the artists and communities it serves in the Southeast, including Gee's Bend, Alabama. Each intern receives a $10,000 stipend for an academic year, or $5,000 for a semester from the Foundation, and is required to commit to a minimum of 8 hours per week. For more information, click here.  

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, State University Internship Incentive Program 

Promotes and supports university-level student participation in employer sponsored internships. The program raises awareness and interest of a greater and more diverse community of students in career opportunities related to the student's academic program of study. For more information, click here


Check with your Major/Department to see if internship funds are available!


A speech bubble made of the careers listed below in varying sizes.

HFA Five Years Out (We go everywhere.)

  • Account Manager
  • Actor
  • Administrator
  • Architect
  • Art Therapist
  • Artist
  • Bicycle Mechanic
  • Bookkeeper
  • College Success Advisor
  • Communications Executive
  • Content Strategist
  • Designer
  • Editor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Family Therapist
  • Fulbright Scholar
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Lawyer
  • Marketing Executive
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Musician
  • Outdoor Guide
  • Pastor
  • Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Pharmacy Tech
  • Physical Therapist
  • Podcast Producer
  • Police Recruit
  • Professional Nanny
  • Professional Sports Team Dancer
  • Research Associate
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Software Engineer
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Teacher
  • Technology Librarian
  • Town Counselor
  • Trash Hauler
  • Truck Driver
  • Victims' Assistance Program Assistant
  • Writer

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Career Success upon Graduation with a Humanities Degree

Research has shown that Humanities students who are successful upon graduation do three things:

  1. Get good grades (a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better). 

  2. Do internships. Internships. Note the plural.

  3. Participate in career center programming. Gain the five career navigation skills (customizing a resume, customizing a cover letter, learning how to interview, networking, and learning how to find opportunities), and attend events such as career fairs, networking nights, employer information sessions, and alumni panels.

But there is a challenge to all this...

The real challenge is that none of these things are mandatory. They all require extra effort on your part. No one is going to make you do an internship, or force you to learn how to customize your resume. And let’s be real; no one is going to make you get good grades. You are the engine that will make this all happen. It is very easy to get pulled in a lot of directions and become very distracted.

But you are in control of what you choose to do. And if you want to get a good quality job upon graduation, among other things, it is important to get good grades, do internships, and participate in career center programming.

The Career Center of the HFA Advising and Career Center is here to educate you in career skills; provide you with internship, networking and job opportunities; and offer one-on-one advice for landing internships on planning your path to a career.