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HFA Careers and Internships

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Dear Humanities and Fine Arts Majors and Minors,

Just like everyone and everything else, we have begun the remote delivery of our services. Please know, however, that we are here for you as you navigate the changes ahead. If you are looking for a quick oversight of our career advising services, please go to our Get Advice page. In addition, please read the following specifics below:

If you are currently participating in a credited internship, first check with your employer to see if your work can be completed remotely. Then, contact your faculty sponsor to update them about the status of your internship. If you can complete your work remotely, let your faculty sponsor know. If you cannot continue with the internship, for any reason, also let your faculty sponsor know right away so that you may negotiate appropriate alternative remote academic assignments. This way, you will ensure the completion of your internship credits. If you are confused about any of this, or have questions, please email Lisa Blacher.

For academic assistance and advising, contact the HFA Advising and Career Center at

For financial, hardship, or other crises, contact the Dean of Students Office.

For emotional and mental counseling and support, contact the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health.

HFA Summer Internship Scholarship

HFA Summer Internship Scholarships are still being awarded for the summer of 2020. These scholarships help students participate in valuable summer internship experiences that have great potential but offer no compensation. We are grateful for the generosity of HFA alumni who know how important these experiences are and who have chosen to help make them possible. This is a competitive program. Those who succeed will be pursuing a high-quality internship that is likely to further their academic and professional goals or their career exploration.

Click here for more information about the HFA Summer Internship Scholarships, including eligibility requirements and to submit an application. 

Career Success upon Graduation with a Humanities Degree

Research has shown that Humanities students who are successful upon graduation do three things:

  1. Get good grades (a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better).
  2. Do internships. Internships. Note the plural.
  3. Participate in career center programming. Gain the five career navigation skills (customizing a resume, customizing a cover letter, learning how to interview, networking, and learning how to find opportunities), and attend events such as career fairs, networking nights, employer information sessions, and alumni panels.

But there is a challenge to all this...

The real challenge is that none of these things are mandatory. They all require extra effort on your part. No one is going to make you do an internship, or force you to learn how to customize your resume. And let’s be real; no one is going to make you get good grades. You are the engine that will make this all happen. It is very easy to get pulled in a lot of directions and become very distracted.

But you are in control of what you choose to do. And if you want to get a good quality job upon graduation, among other things, it is important to get good grades, do internships, and participate in career center programming.

The Career Center of the HFA Advising and Career Center is here to educate you in career skills; provide you with internship, networking and job opportunities; and offer one-on-one advice for landing internships on planning your path to a career.