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Undergraduate Advisors

For information on Graduate Advising, please contact your graduate program director or the Graduate School.

Afro-American Studies
Britt Rusert 325 New Africa House 413-545-6780
Erika Zekos 234 Design Building 413-545-0947
Mahwish Chisty 125 Studio Arts Building 413-545-6954
History of Art & Architecture
Margaret Vickery W317 South College 413-545-3595
Debbie Felton 533 Herter Hall 413-545-5780
Janis Greve E345B South College 413-545-1612
Celeste Stuart E345 South College 413-545-0388
Heidi Scott Herter Hall 413-588-6299
Enjoli Pescheta 613 Herter Hall
Judaic and Near Eastern Studies: Judaic Studies
Rachel Diana 744 Herter Hall 413-545-2550
Judaic & Near Eastern Studies: Middle Eastern Studies
David Mednicoff 135 Herter Hall 413-545-5849
Languages, Literatures & Cultures: Chinese Studies
Enhua Zhang 340 Herter Hall 413-545-4946
Languages, Literatures & Cultures: Comparative Literature
Jessica Barr 406 Herter Hall 413-545-5618
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: French & Francophone Studies
Eva Valenta 319 Herter Hall 413-545-6703
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: German & Scandinavian Studies
Ela Gezen 517 Herter Hall 413-545-2350
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Italian Studies
Cara Takakjian 315 Herter Hall 413-545-6707
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Japanese Studies
Stephen Forrest 441 Herter Hall 413-545-4950
Reiko Sono 331 Herter Hall 413-545-4947
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Portuguese
Luiz Amaral 404 Herter Hall 413-545-4790
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Russian, Eurasian and Polish Studies
Julie Hemment 206 Machmer Hall 413-577-1104
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Spanish
Patricia Gubitosi 422 Herter Hall 413-545-4921
Ellen Woolford N440 Integrated Learning Center 413-545-6841
Music & Dance: Dance Program
Thomas Vacanti Bartlett Hall 413-545-4078
Music & Dance: Music Program
Erica Drake 353 Fine Arts Center 413-545-9901
Gary Hardegree E317 South College (413) 545-2330
Amy Altadonna 027A Fine Arts Center
Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
Kirsten Leng W417 South College 413-545-1922