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Coronavirus Update: UMass Amherst has shifted to remote delivery of all instruction, having suspended in-person classes, including laboratory, studio, capstone and graduate courses, until the end of the semester. In accordance with the Governor’s emergency order, only onsite personnel should report to campus, unless contacted by a supervisor. Additional updates and resources can be found at

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Undergraduate Advisors

For information on Graduate Advising, please contact your graduate program director or the Graduate School.

Afro-American Studies
Britt Rusert 325 New Africa House 413-545-6780
Erika Zekos 234 Design Building 413-545-0947
Jenny Vogel 125 Studio Arts Building 413-545-6954
Susan Jahoda
History of Art & Architecture
Nancy Noble W375 South College 413-545-3595
Debbie Felton 533 Herter Hall 413-545-5780
Janis Greve E345B South College 413-545-1612
Celeste Stuart E345 South College 413-545-0388
Alice Nash 611 Herter Hall 413-545-6757
Judaic and Near Eastern Studies: Judaic Studies
Jay Berkovitz 740 Herter Hall 413-545-2550
Judaic & Near Eastern Studies: Middle Eastern Studies
David Mednicoff 135 Herter Hall 413-545-5849
Languages, Literatures & Cultures: Chinese Studies
Suet-Ying Chiu 333 Herter Hall 413-545-5840
David Schneider 442 Herter Hall 413-545-4954
Languages, Literatures & Cultures: Comparative Literature
Regina Galasso 409 Herter Hall 413-545-0832
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: French & Francophone Studies
Philippe Baillargeon 315 Herter Hall 413-545-2314
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: German & Scandinavian Studies
Ela Gezen 517 Herter Hall 413-545-2350
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Italian Studies
Andrea Malaguti 307 Herter Hall 413-545-4951
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Japanese Studies
Stephen Forrest 441 Herter Hall 413-545-4950
Reiko Sono 331 Herter Hall 413-545-4947
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Portugese
Jose Ornelas 422 Herter Hall 413-545-4921
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Russian & East European Studies
Robert Rothstein 741 Herter Hall 413-545-0894
Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: Spanish
Luis Marentes 425 Herter Hall 413-545-4923
Ellen Woolford N440 Integrated Learning Center 413-545-6841
Music & Dance: Dance Program
Billbob Brown 11 Totman Building 413-545-6063
Music & Dance: Music Program
Erica Drake 353 Fine Arts Center 413-545-9901
Gary Hardegree E317 South College (413) 545-2330
Kevin Klement E319 South College  
Vanessa de Harven E425 South College  
Harley Erdman 109 Fine Arts Center 413-577-6203
Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
Karen Lederer W401 South College 413-545-1922