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Business & Finance Forms

Business & Finance Forms

Appointment Funding Form (XLS)

Business Expenses Form (PDF)
Submit this completed form and all related invoices to the Business Office when paying for food, meals, and entertainment expenses.

Missing Receipt Affidavit (PDF)
Print out and submit with the travel or reimbursement request form associated with the receipt.

Moving Expenses
Moving, relocation and temporary housing policy reimbursement paperwork. Note: the Controller's Office can take anywhere from 2-9 days to generate a vendor code. Visit the Employee Moving Expenses page for more information and to download forms.

Paying a Foreign Vendor

Contact Gregory Rodak in the Controller’s Office by email or phone: 413-545-4710.

Pro Cards

New: Here are some of the services allowed on a procard. There is a manual available, as well as training sessions. Note: Department and Business Office signatures are required on the forms.

Travel Reimbursements

Starting January 1st 2018 the Pre-Travel Authorization Form will be replaced with the online Travel Registry website.

Converting International Currencies

  • Travel reimbursements are made in US dollars. Foreign currencies are converted using the rates here.
  • Travelers will be reimbursed using the currency rates that were in effect during the time period of the travel.
  • Use of the University's Corporate MC eliminates the need to calculate international currency conversions and generally reflects favorable exchange rates.
  • A printed itinerary is NOT an acceptable receipt. Hotel bills must be original and must include the daily charges, not just an overall charge

Domestic Per Diem

  • Controller's Memo on Per Diem Rates (effective December 1, 2015) and Memo describing calculations and giving examples.
  • The mileage rate is $0.54 per mile effective January 1, 2016

International Per Diem Rates

Visit the
Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) website
for more information.


An original or email copy of the W-9 tx form must be submitted to the Business Office. We then attach and submit the W-9 to the Controller's Office to generate a Vendor Code. Until a vendor code has been generated, no paperwork to pay or reimburse can be processed. You should send the Business Office the completed W-9 as soon as you have it. Do not wait to send the W-9 along with all reimbursement paperwork. The Controller's Office can take anywhere from two to nine days to generate a vendor code.  Very important: vendor must include either their email or fax number on the W-9.