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Class of 2020 - Music and Dance: Dance Program

Fine Arts Center at UMass Amherst

Dance Seniors

Celebrating UMass Amherst Seniors in Dance | Class of 2020

Thomas Vacanti

Professor & Director, Dance Program

A Message to our Students

Plunge into it. Move with it. Join the dance.

In the UMass Amherst Dance Program, we've aimed to train and educate you in contemporary dance through physical, creative, and theoretical scholarship.

Ours is a program that creates an environment that provides a robust and relevant curriculum; engaging the wider, diverse regional community, and embraces inquiry, rigor, and risk—qualities we know you will take with you as you move through life as performers, practitioners, artists, teachers, and lovers of dance.

Department of Music and Dance: Dance Program, Class of 2020

  • Cayla Victoria Blake
  • Emily Ann Cicio
  • Haylee Marie Denham
  • Margaret Elizabeth Donaghey
  • Helen Katherine Duros
  • Caroline Grace Ferrazzani
  • Shae Marie Forest
  • Nora Gallo
  • Alina I. Grzegorzewski
  • Elizabeth Margaret Harrington
  • Isabelle Deborah Jardin
  • Emma Louise Keery
  • Kyera Jeanne Laabs
  • Sarah Elizabeth Maurer
  • Amisi Nazaire-Hicks
  • Jessica Ann Orlando
  • Anna Grace Reilly
  • Sabrina Kirsten Reppert
  • Amanda A. Rose
  • Molly Melissa Smith

The names on this page were compiled by the Registrar’s Office in late April identifying those eligible to participate in Commencement 2020. Given the number and evolving status of many prospective graduates, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurances that being listed or not has no bearing on a student's official graduation status. If a name has been misspelled, misplaced, or omitted, contact the Registrar's Office. This list includes primary and secondary majors and students who have earned multiple degrees.